What is Underpining

HB are expert in underpinning for both commercial premises and private houses. Underpinning is the strengthening or deepening of existing foundations to increase their bearing capacity.

Underpinning can be required to:

Stop the settlement of existing buildings

To further strengthen existing foundations to allow load increase

Underpinning can be used as a precaution to stabilize foundations where deep excavations are required

To replace decaying wooden piles

Underpinning techniques include extending existing foundations in depth and occasionally in breadth to help bring the load to a more competent underlying strata.

HB are experts in identifying the causes of your individual underpinning problems and also in carrying out the required underpinning solution to suit you.

Generally the underpinning of existing buildings require approval. HB The Mini Piling Company will prepare a structural design of the underpinning, including the process to be carried out during construction as required for building regulations.

HB has provided underpinning solutions at sites across Ireland, including

East Bridge Street Arches Belfast where an arch in a brick viaduct under a main arterial road into Belfast was failing.  Working under the arch in less than 1.8m of headroom HB installed a series Jack Piles to support a new RC foundation.

Europa Hotel Belfast.  HB installed mini piles in limited headroom and working space to upgrade existing foundations to allow for the additional load of a new block of bedrooms at roof level.

Ballinlough Castle, Co. Westmeath. A pair of round turrets were progressively subsiding. HB worked closely with the Conservation Engineer to assess the problem, arrive at a suitable remedial scheme which would stabilise the existing round towers, whilst maintaining the Architectural merits of this important historic structure. Particular site constraints included the necessity for extremely low vibration working methods, difficult access via a basement to the working area, and programming of works to accommodate the building’s owners who operate a business from the premises. The remedial scheme, which was able to satisfy all of these conditions, was a reinforced concrete raft needled into the existing tower wall and supported on Jack Piles.