A Few Words About Hamilton Bogie -A Mini Piling Company

The company was set up in 2001 by Robert Hamilton and Ian Bogie two well known and experienced figures in the local piling industry.

They identified a need in the industry at that time for a local company offering mini piling services many of which were only available from across the water.  The Company offers  solutions to difficult ground conditions as detailed below.

Mini Piling

Although based in Northern Ireland Hamilton Bogie work throughout Ireland both North and South offering cost effective solutions for any small and medium sized contacts which limited access or working room or where noise and vibration need to be limited.

In built up areas where noise and vibration are a consideration and are particularly cost effective when compared to conventional systems;

In limited headroom locations within buildings for alterations to existing structures or for new work such as lift pits, machine bases etc.


In all small piling contracts such as foundations for a single house where the cost of mobilizing large equipment and the cost of the site preparation required would be prohibitive.