Bottom Driven Mini Piling


Top Driven Tubular Steel Mini Piling


Soil and earth anchors, Platipus driven anchors and Dywidag drilled anchors.


The company was set up in 2001 by Robert Hamilton and Ian Bogie two well known and experienced figures in the local piling industry.

They identified a need in the industry at that time for a local company offering mini piling services in Northern Ireland many of which were only available in the UK.

We do

If you have piling problems such as difficult access, limited headroom or noise and vibration restrictions Hamilton Bogie The Mini Piling Company has the solutions for you.

The Mini Piling Company offer a pro-active approach with clients, engineers and main contractors where our piling experience enables us to advise on the most economic solutions for all mini piling and underpinning problems. 

We offer a free piling advice, design and estimate service. 

Being a local company we pride ourselves on providing a fast, flexible and efficient service at very competitive prices.


We have a strong commitment to delivering quality cost effective solutions for clients within a safe, considerate working environment.

Why Mini Piling

Although developed for piling situations with limited headroom or working space mini piles can often be less expensive overall than conventional driven pre-cast concrete piles for the following reasons:

The light and compact mini piling rigs are less expensive to bring to site than larger conventional piling rigs.

Site preparation such as a stone working platform piling will be less expensive for mini piling than that required for larger rigs. Some of our piling rigs weigh less than 1 tonne while some pre-cast rigs weigh over 50 tonnes.

Because the mini piles can be trimmed close to the working surface and the pile sections reused the wastage on a mini piling job is minimal. This can make the use of mini piles less expensive in many cases than pre-cast driven piles where there may be two or three metres of excess pile above the working surface which the client will not only have to pay for, but also pay again to have removed