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Mini Piling Project – Aberfeldy Distillery

Aberfeldy Distillery was founded by the John Dewar & Sons, Ltd. in 1896, and opened in 1898. The distillery is located on the eastern outskirts of Aberfeldy. The distillery was undergoing some modernisation in terms of the it's CO2 emissions and sustainability.  As such it was moving from the existing oil-fired boiler to a wood pellet fuelled biomass boiler.…
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East Bridge Street, Belfast

  Installation of 85 number jack piles as part of a bridge underpinning and strengthening contract at East Bridge Street, Belfast. The Client required a low vibration, low headroom piling solution.  Hamilton Bogie offered 800kN jack-down piles installed hydraulically using the weight of the existing structure as reaction without vibration or the creation of spoil…
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Ulster Independant Clinic

  • 2015-07-10 06.51.52
  • 2015-07-24 14.40.27
  • 2015-07-24 14.49.29
  • 2015-07-27 09.53.10
  • 2015-07-29 12.19.50
  • 2015-07-29 12.20.02
  • 2015-07-30 13.42.50
  • 2015-07-30 13.42.55
  • 2015-08-07 10.32.18
  • 2015-08-11 14.14.12
  • 2015-08-12 11.57.29
  • 2015-08-12 11.57.58

As part of a major project the Ulster Clinic wanted to extend two paring areas out over the edge of an embankment. Hamilton Bogie proposed a design and build solution incorporating top driven mini-piles, ground anchors and a reinforced concrete slab.

The company installed 40 top driven mini piles for vertical support and 20 ground anchors for lateral restraint and also carried out the RC work over a six week period in July and August 2015.